Let’s flashback to the year 2006 and remember all of the hype that surrounded Reggie Bush.  He was supposed to be the future of running backs and was touted as the future prototype of the position.  Reggie Bush had some flashes his rookie year and had a decent career but nothing outstanding.  Reggie Bush’s pro career is best noted for a TD flip in a playoff game and dating Kim Kardashian.  How does this relate to Adrian Peterson?

Because of the lack of pop from Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson fell to the 6th round of my fantasy football league.  I was lucky enough to snag him. #Sleeper.  AP saved my season, all 6 of my wins were because of this man.  I’m a Colts fan, but this man transcended football.  Fast forward to November of his rookie year.  This man set the NFL single-game record for rushing yards against the Bears.  It was electric, every play he had me jumpin’ out of my seat!  He proceeded to do this over the next decade.

The Brett Favre era in Minnesota was fun for Vikings fans but as an AP fan, it was torture.  “Just hand him the ball!” was something you could hear all over my house. This was said because I needed a big game from “All Day” but Coach Frazier wanted to showcase the talented arm of the old gunslinger instead. Not only that, I was genuinely a fan of AP.

Running backs burn out fast, and AP was showing signs of slowing down.  Then the 2012 season happened. He came up just a few yards short of the NFL single-season rushing record and it was back to the good ol’ days! It was electric.  I found myself rooting for a player above my fantasy team and my hometown Colts.  He is just so fun to watch.

AP later was suspended for an entire season and there was a chance his career was done for based on his off the field incidents.  AP overcame that, made it back the next season and had his twilight end of a career season.  Or so we thought.

AP played for 2 teams last season and showed some of his old moves out in the Toaster (thanks, Boom).  He like most aging running backs got banged up and missed the last 5 weeks of the season.  He was barely mentioned over the off-season.  At this point, Peterson is 33 years old and it felt like one of the greats career was over.  This was tough to take because Peterson is only a couple of years older than me.  If I am not watching him play on Sundays then it means my athletic feats will be dwindling as well.  Jump to August 19th, 2018, a Sunday. Rotoworld reports that AP has a meeting scheduled with the injury-plagued Redskins.  Monday afternoon, AP signs 1-year deal with Redskins.  I fist pump.  The Peterson signing helps me maintain my youth for at least one more year 😉


By Adam Burkett

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