Look, This article was going to be just about Tyreek “Cheetah” Hill, he scored 3 prolific TD’s Sunday, one being a speed burning 91-yard punt return.  The man is fast! It looks the tv skips to fast-forward mode when he is playing.  The Chiefs are loaded this season. It isn’t just a one-man show.

Patric Mahomes is a gunslinger.  He has a cannon for an arm and isn’t afraid to show it off. 4 TD’s in his debut is outstanding.  He is the reason they moved on from Mr. Consistency Alex Smith and you can see why.  Plus, he can run a little bit.

Travis Kelce is arguably the best tight end in the business and is entertaining with his end zone dances.  De’Anthony Thomas is a gadget play playmaker and they use him all over the field.  And they have a top 5 running back in Kareem Hunt.

Splash plays will be happening early and often for the rest of the season for the Chiefs.  If you are an NFL Sunday Ticket guy, this a team worth the money to subscribe to.  It’s going to be raining TD’s in Kansas City Hallelujah!

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