It’s 11:30 pm on a Wednesday and your phone vibrates on your night stand. Is a loved one in trouble? Is your micromanaging boss sending you an email he wants you to see first thing in the morning? No, it’s none of those things. It’s a text message from a fellow team owner in your fantasy football league informing you that you have to sign Latavius Murray or you’re a moron! Let’s face it, fantasy football helps us stay in touch with friends and family and makes watching all the NFL games interesting, but some people just need to ease off a bit. Here are the top five most annoying fantasy football owners that need a time out!

5. The I post on social media about how awesome my team is guy

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You know who really cares about how awesome your fantasy football team is? You, and only you! Ok, maybe the team you’re matched up against owner marginally cares about your team this week, but nobody else give darn. Your old high school classmates and youth minister don’t care how awesome your draft went. Maybe you should just text your league-mates. On second thought, maybe not (see no. 2).

4. The I draft multiple kickers and defenses guy

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Ok, fantasy football has been around for a while now. Major sports media outlets have even had dedicated shows about fantasy football for years. You should never draft a kicker or defense before your teams final two picks of the draft. When you draft multiple of these positions you not only are embarrassing yourself you are hurting your family’s honor and might as well place a “kick me” sign on your child’s back the first day of school.

3. The I never check my roster guy

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It’s week 13 and you just need a win and another owner to lose. The owner you need to lose is playing the dreaded, I never check my roster guy. So that’s it. Your playoff hopes are over before they started, because I never check my roster guy has a hurt kicker starting and a 38 year old quarterback who lost their job to the rookie by this juncture in the season.

2. The I send text messages all day long about fantasy football guy

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This guy lives, breathes, eats and sleeps fantasy football. He sends text messages about your fantasy league all year round, not just during the season. He has passion, motivation to be the very best, the best there ever was…at fantasy football. If everyone in the league had this guys mindset it would be amazing, but nobody does so he just annoys the ever living pizzle-juice out of all the other owners.

1. The I make way to many unbalanced trades guy

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Seriously this guy is the worst. He will try to trade a 3rd string wide receiver and a 25th ranked defense for number one running back and tight end. When you immediately reject the offer he will counter with the exact same offer, but throw in the kicker swap. What’s a kicker swap? That’s when they simply have you swap kickers as if it has any bearing on the decision process to accept or reject the trade.

Honorable Mention: The I drop a star player for no reason in week 12 other than I’m an idiot guy 

The heading says it all. I mean, wow! When this happens someone who doesn’t deserve a playoff spot picks up the player and sneaks there way in.

Does anyone in your league fit any of these descriptions? Comment below and share with them. Did I miss any types that you find more annoying? Let me know!

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by: Dennis Burkett

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