Sean McVey is living his best life right now. He’s 32 years old, the coach of the playoff bound L.A. Rams, an insane amount of cash flow from his 1.2 million per year salary, and has a smokeshow girlfriend. That being said, I don’t think his life is all rainbows and sunshine. Here are the top five reasons my life is better than Mr. McVey’s.

1. I don’t have to work on Sundays

NFL coaches work seven days a week. This is only worsened by the fact that there biggest day of their work week is Sunday. While most of us leisurely sip coffee, watch the morning news and settle in for a day of sitting on the sofa watching football, Sean McVey is stressing about being on top of his game. That seems like an anxiety salad covered in stress dressing.

2. I don’t have weekly performance reviews that happen the moment I clock out at the end of the work week

After the biggest day of his work week Sean is expected and obligated to give a press conference, win or loss. This is essentially a performance review. Most workers in the rest of society have yearly reviews and they are likely one on one with a boss. Poor Mr. McVey has to have a televised review in front of a gaggle of media.

3. Traffic is much better where I live

I’ve never driven in L.A., but from what I’ve heard it’s awful. The majority of America doesn’t have to plan on sitting in traffic like the residents of the City of Angles do. My blood pressure is probably much better on a daily basis because of this.

4. Cost of living is much lower elsewhere in the USA

The cost of living in Los Angles is insane. The median home price is just North of $670,000 compared to the national average of $221,500. With that goes higher taxes, higher insurance costs and overall more expenses. As the saying goes, more money, more problems.

5. My job requires significantly less travel

It’s no secret that NFL teams spend a lot of time traveling. In addition to the travel it’s frequently to undesirable locations such as Buffalo, New York and Seattle, Washington in the dead of winter. I rarely drive more than 20 miles in a typical work day and see my family daily.

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by: Dennis Burkett

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