Last night Indiana’s mens basketball had its first prime time road test facing Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium in front of a nationally televised audience. This wasn’t a dress rehearsal, but that didn’t stop the Hoosiers from getting disrobed. Mike Krzyzewski made Archie Miller look like a 1950s rookie stock broker getting reprimanded by the pit poss on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

The final score of 90-69 doesn’t to justice to joe one sided the game was. The Blue Devils made quick work of the Hoosiers and the game was all but over after about five minutes after tip. Coach K even took it upon himself early in the first half to calm the Cameron Crazies and teach them a little respect by telling them to not chant “overrated” in the direction of Romeo Langford, the Hoosier Freshman and 2018 Indiana Mr. Basketball. Although the crowd showed respect by quieting the chant, the Blue Devils lead by Zion Williamson, held Langford to 13 points on an anemic 3-15 shooting performance.

Zion Williamson continued to highlight the absurdity of the NCAA’s one and done rule as he dominated every facet of the game. Watching Zion will make you think you’ve accidentally tuned into old Lebron James high school highlights. If I were to be takes with having this feeling of dominance I would need to play one on one with an overweight 3rd grader who prefers to dwell in his parents basement playing Fortnite rather than shoot the rock.

Archie Miller clearly has a long road ahead of him this season as the Hoosiers didn’t look anywhere close to being a contender for anything other than basement dwellers in the Big Ten (move over Mr. 3rd grader). Sure, Duke is amazing, but they did just lose to Gonzaga. Obviously IU had no chance at victory heading into Cameron Indoor with the Blue Devils coming in with the taste of defeat, but IU looked vastly outmatched in every way. Archie needs to hope Romeo’s confidence wasn’t shaken…because my window still is after the seismic block Zion had on his layup attempt last night.

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by: Dennis Burkett

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