For the last couple weeks, I have been enjoying a trip down nostalgia lane by playing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu.  It has been fun re-visiting the Kanto region, a region I enjoyed 20 years ago.  Back then, the internet wasn’t full of IV values, walkthrough’s and maps of different regions throughout the game like it was today.  I had to borrow a friends strategy guide to get through the hard parts of the game, like Mt. Moon, Victory Road, etc. And, oh yeah, knowing what to do with the Master Ball! I had already used that one up in a non-judicious matter.  Seeing as there was no way to get that ball back, I loaded up on all the ultra balls I could get my hands on.

I was panicking, you see, Mewto is the strongest pokemon in the first generation of the game.  He was really hard to capture without the master ball as he was in the deepest part of the cave surrounded by the highest level Pokemon in the game.  Getting to him was hard, I had cheesed the game into getting all level 100 pokemon.  Mewtwo was at level 70 and spams recover when he gets low on HP.  So on repeated hits, he gets dangerously close to fainting and never getting a 2nd chance to catch him.  Back in the day, I didn’t save spam, so this was a do or die situation.  Luckily, I got Mewto to 6 HP and an Ultra Ball caught him! It was the highest emotion I had felt with a video game up to that point of my life.  I had caught the Legend of all Legends: Mewtwo.

Fast forward to this week.  I have beaten the main story of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu with weak level 50 Pokemon.  You now catch the pocket monsters by motion control.  No random battles…. except for legendary pokemon.  You now have to beat them before catching them!  That was sort of a relief when I first found this out, I had the master ball now, so after I beat the great Mewtwo I could then just throw this ball at him.  If only it were that simple.

I go to Cerulean Cave, I find Mewtwo in no time. Modern graphics show him floating deep in the cave, instead of just an 8-bit pixel sprite.  I walk up to him, a cutscene starts.  I send my shiny Vileplume out, Mewtwo uses Psychic and one-hit KO’s him.  I send my Charizard out and use the Mega X Evolution to evolve Charizard(Charcharbinx) to become Mega Charizard X. Mewtwo one-hit KO’s him.  This happens 4 more times. I am stunned.  Luckily I had saved this time so I proceed to level up my pokemon. They get slammed again, just 10 levels higher than they were the last time.  I decide to research Mewtwo’s weaknesses.  I add Scyther, Snorlax, and Gengar to my starting 6.  I spend the next three days leveling them up.  This is done by catching a horde of Chansey’s, Gravelers and Lickitungs.  In this new iteration of Gen I you gain XP by catching pokemon.  It can be a real grind if you have underpowered pokemon.

At this point, I begin to wonder if I should take a break from my quest to catch the best character in the game and try some of the new post-game activities that have been added to this story.  I beat Gym Leader Brock, and Misty for the 2nd time.  The added bonus of these two having better pokemon is a worthy challenge.  I go down the new Pokemon Road which had previously been a bike path in the original games.  Finally, with my Scyther at level 69 I think it is time to challenge the Man.

I have a strategy set.  Send out Snorlax first, to take away some of Mewtwo’s Psychic PP so Scyther can have a better chance of staying in the game.  Eventually, Snorlax Rest isn’t enough and he surrenders.  Next, Charizard goes out. He gets a good blow to Mewtwo, He then uses recover and is nearly fully recovered.  At this point I should mention that there is a 5:00 time limit to defeat a legendary Pokemon.  So I have wasted about 2 and a half minutes and have barely done any damage.  I could either send out Scyther now and hope I have made him strong enough to win, or sacrifice Articuno or Gengar before I go to Scyther.  Scyther is my strongest pokemon by far, so I roll dice and hope he can survive.  Scyther is sent out, Mewtwo uses Recover.  He is almost fully recovered his HP now.  Scyther then uses X-Scissor. It does a severe blow, but Mewtwo still has the speed advantage. The 2nd time Scyther uses X-Scissor I notice that it is doing more damage than Mewtwo is able to recover. after about 6 of these, I finally knock out Mewtwo! I did it, my phone is ringing and I am ignoring it.  I gotta catch them all, I gotta catch Mewtwo!  I throw a nanab and razz berry at him for good measure before throwing the master ball.  Another cutscene! Love all the newly added features.  Mewtwo swats the master ball away because he is not meant to have a master! However, the master ball is too powerful and Mewtwo is captured. Got him!! Having Mewtwo in my hands again brings back so many memories of why I fell in love with Pokemon in the first place.  I can now continue my quest to be the very best like no one ever was. POKEMON!!!


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