Back in 2015 life was different.  Barack Obama was president, the average closing price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 17,587.03 (currently 25,538.46) and among many other big news stories, Laquavius Cotton, a dark horse contender in the 2015 State Farm College Slam Dunk Contest shocked the world when he won in front of a packed house in the historic Hinkle Field House in Indianapolis, IN.

At the time I was writing a blog by the name of Bear Bones Sports, (Nerd Jock Blog predecessor) and I was photographing the event with my first ever media pass. Luckily for us writing the blog, Laquavius Cotton was graciously willing to do an interview with us to talk about that fateful night. A standout player for Division II Delta State University, Cotton was awesome to work with. In today’s fast-paced, what have you done for me lately world it’s easy to forget people, places, events ideas as they fade into obscurity. Cotton, nearly four years since that night that he became a champion still remembers talking with us and agreed to participate in a follow-up interview.

NJB: It’s been a while since we last chatted. How have you been? What’s new?

Cotton: Yes, it has been a while since we have last chatted roughly 4 years. I have been continuously pursing my basketball Career. I have recently joined Garonne Asptt in France to play basketball. 

NJB: While doing research I noticed that you spent some time after college playing with the Harlem Globetrotters. What was that experience like?

Cotton:  The Experience with the Globetrotters was amazing and fun. I met some great people.  More importantly I got to understand the entertainment side of basketball as far as interacting with the fans and being a entertainer. 

NJB: Nicknames are a part of Globetrotter lore. What was your nickname and how was it chosen? I have an early memory as a child going to a free clinic at the Terre Haute, IN YMCA and James JUMBO Bacon, the
Globetrotter was there. He was larger than life.

Cotton: I was given the name Scorpion. Mostly for my high flying and hard striking dunks that I brought to the team. 

NJB: Who have you played with that you feel elevated your game to a new level? 

Cotton: I would have to say my high school teammate Johnny O’bryant who was a McDonald’s All- American and NBA draftee. He led by example and always pushed me to work harder and get better everyday. 

NJB: You are making a career out of playing hoops. Have you thought about what you might want to do when it’s time to hang up the sneakers? Would you like to be a coach someday?

 Cotton: Yes, I actually knew at a certain age that had to be around the game of basketball and if I wasn’t playing it I would most definitely be a Coach or Trainer. I will for sure step into one of those fields once my playing days are over. 

NJB Nerd Jock Blog focuses on both sports and video games? Do you have a favorite retro-game? My personal favorite is NBA Jam. 

Cotton: My favorite video game of all time would have to be Super Mario hands down. I remember playing that game as a kid on Nitendo everyday and it didn’t get old. 

NJB You informed me that you recently signed a contract to play in France and prior to that were playing the the NBA G-League. What made you decide to make that move?

Cotton: Yes, I decided to sign to play in France after being cut from training camp by OKC G- league team.  I felt that I needed to make that move in order to help my game and ultimately pursue my goal of being in the NBA. 

NJB: Have you visited France yet and are you studying up on the language?

Cotton: Prior to coming to France to begin the season I had never been overseas. It was a big adjustment learning and hearing the language. I had never heard or spoken  french prior to coming here. 

NJB: What’s the name of the team your joining and what league are they in? Any notable names on the roster?

Cotton: The name of my team is Garonne Asptt Basket. We are in the National 2 league NM2. I don’t have any big name players on my team but a couple of guys that have played Division 1 basketball in the U.S.

NJB: Do you have a favorite pair of sneakers? I am a sucker for the Answer IV’s and the T-Mac shoes were always great. The original Kobe’s were the worst of all time in my opinion.

Cotton: My favorite pair of sneakers are Jordan’s but I would have to choose the Jordan 11s and 12s by far. I feel they look the best and are the best Jordan playing shoes in my opinion. 

NJB: Where can people follow you and when does the season in France start?

Cotton: Our season started in August. Currently my team sit in 2nd place in our league with a record of 9-2. Follow me on Instagram @Q_cotton1 or twitter: @Laquaviusc_1

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by: Dennis Burkett


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