Fear not for I have returned! Thank you for sticking with this awesome blog during my hiatus, nothing was wrong, I just didn’t blog and for that I apologize.  Now that I have your full attention, I’d like to inform of a crime that has been committed!

If you haven’t heard, that streaming service juggernaut Netflix recently has been cancelling their Marvel programming in droves.  First it was the cancellation of Iron Fist, then Luke Cage, both had recently hit low points, although you could argue the second season of Iron Fist was much better than the first. The worst travesty though? CANCELLING DAREDEVIL!  Ever since the terrible 2003 movie staring Ben Affleck as the title character, the comic book universe has been itching for a remake/reboot.

In 2015 fans got just that, Netflix premiered 13 episodes that followed a blind lawyer that was also the Devil of Hells Kitchen.  This new series had everything, it was dark, it was gritty, it had a hero that appealed to our action side as well as our human side. Needless to say the first season was a HUGE success.  2016 saw a second season which introduced the Punisher into the Marvel Universe (once again a reboot from a so so movie) Netflix and Daredevil were on fire! Then radio silence.

Flash forward to 2018, Netflix announced Daredevil Season 3!  The rumors had it following the Born Again story line, which was fantastic.  As the months went on, Daredevil looked like the lone bright spot in the Marvel/Netflix lineup.  Imagine the shock, when Netflix cancelled the 4th season.  Netflix claimed it was because the viewership was down, and the licenses were to much for the Marvel characters to continue.  Shame on you, Netflix. Shame on you.  You had a great thing and you blew it.  Hopefully the Devil of Hells Kitchen will live on and make his triumphant return again.

Until that time, all we can do is wait for the 2nd season of the Punisher, and the 3rd season of Jessica Jones, which if we are being honest, will be cancelled as well.

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