Yesterday was a monumental day.  It was the birthday of one of the greatest pure shooters of all time, it was Larry Bird’s 62nd birthday.  If you do not know who Larry Bird is, then two things must be true; You must have either just woken from a 30+ year coma, or you’ve been a hermit that just now came back to civilization.

Larry Joe Bird was born in French Lick in 1956. Little did his parents know that this child would go on to be one of the GOATS of college and professional basketball.  Larry Bird was supposed to be a member of the 1975-1976 undefeated Indiana Hoosiers but dropped out of IU due to differences with Bobby Knight.  Larry enrolled at Indiana State University shortly after that and the rest is history.

In 1979 “March went Mad” Larry Bird and the Indiana State University Sycamores, started a magical run, where they would only lose 1 game, the national championship, to Michigan State and an individual name Ervin Johnson who had the nickname “Magic”.  Larry played 94 games and finished with 30.3 points and a 53.3% shooting percentage.

One of the greatest to play the game at the college level or professional level.  I encourage you all to watch Boston Celtics highlights from 1979 to 1992, you will see with your own eyes, how dominate Larry Joe Bird was.


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