The last indie game we talked about, Horizon Chase Turbo was a SOLID title with arcade roots. The game, Mech Rage seems to be a promising title in the same vein. Created by Drageus Games Factory, a small studio in Warsaw Poland hopes to have a hit on their hands when this game releases for PC via Steam on 12-14-18 and for Nintendo Switch on 12-23-18. So what exactly is it?

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The aliens are coming! The life of your crew is in your hands. Can you defend your ship from the pesky invaders? Take control of a powerful Combat Mech and take them head on! Upgrade your abilities and weapons to be able to stand your ground against increasingly more overwhelming enemy assault. Show off your combat skills, reflexes, and endurance. Remember: even the smallest mistake can lead to an abrupt end of your adventure!

Here is the description from the developers:

Mech Rage is a top-down shooter, set in a science-fiction universe. Take control of John – a greenhorn captain of an intergalactic spaceship, Excalibur. Defend your ship and crew from a sudden alien attack. Your only weapon is an advanced Combat Mech. Take control of its armanents, traverse multiple varied levels, and clear the corridors of your ship from the alien infestation. Your fate depends on your combat skills, reflexes and endurance. Upgrade your mech, obtain new weapons and use them to stand your ground against increasingly overwhelming enemy assault. Are you ready for combat?

– immersive and challenging gameplay
– 3 difficulty levels
– perfect for both seasoned veterans and players new to the shooter genre
– dynamic combat
– varied enemies

Be on the lookout for a full review of this game shortly after its release.

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