Yes, this blog is about my fantasy football team.  I know “No one cares about your fantasy team” is the mantra, but you’ll feel me on this one.  Let me explain.

Last season I had the worst season ever in our friends and family league.  We play for a WWE championship wrestling belt, it’s kind of a big deal.  I won it back in 2013 with the lucky Nick Foles rookie year, Josh Gordon, and the steal of the draft of TE Jordan Cameron in the 13th round. Cameron…. sounds familiar right?

Right.  Cameron Brate enters the league in 2014 and is billed as this athletic receiving tight end in the ever trendy role as a Tight end in name only, mostly slot receiver.  I am buying the hype and slot him as my Jordan Cameron replacement. Wrong!! Dude doesn’t get targets because the Bucs have no offensive identity and a few years later he gets cockblocked by OJ Howard.  So naturally, the fantasy world gave up on him.  Occasionally, he is a red zone target but not a reliable option.

Remember when I mentioned last season? I missed the playoffs so I decided to tank the consolation bracket so I could finish last and have the best odds of landing the #1 pick.  I succeeded.  I draft Todd Gurley and land Tyreek Hill and get lucky on Mahomes.  I outscored 2nd place by 250 points.  I win the regular season for the first time ever and look to cruise in the 8 team playoffs.  I get to play a team I beat by 101 flippin’ points.  So what happens next?

Well, nothing good for the Gurley Man Boys.  I was pretty high on the Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans game turning out to be a high scoring affair, so much so it was the centerpiece of my 3-team parlay.  I loved Chris Godwin who was in a starring role for the Bucs.  When this happens he goes the F off.  Well, what happened was Godwin only caught 10% of his targets for the day and basically crapped his pants, therefore my fantasy team did the same.  The Bucs scored only 2 Touchdowns.  Any guesses who? Cameron flippin’ Brate! His only 2 catches of the game! Why does this matter? My opponent, Dr. Dan, decided at the last moment to start him on his weak-ass team.  I had a hole at tight end all year and owned Brate for a week.  So in theory, I could have prevented this from happening.

And that is why I hate Cameron Brate.

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