The Nintendo Switch is the most versatile video game system ever created. What can make it better? Accessories! Sure, as it comes it’s a complete system with two controllers, but there areas few areas that can be improved with some nice enhancements. Given the fact it was just the holiday season, many of you are probably new Switch owners. To help you out, here are our top five must-have accessories for the Nintendo Switch.

1. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller


The Joycon controllers are great but let’s face it, they’re not ideal when mounted to the grip. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pro-style controller. Here at Nerd Jock Blog we are huge fans of 8Bitdo products. Their controllers, as you can see, add a bit of retro flair and have all the functionality of the Switch Pro Controller. They are very well made and have great customer service. Icing on the cake…they’re much cheaper.

2. Micro SDXC for Nintendo Switch 64GB


Wants the one flaw with the Nintendo Switch? It has a poultry 32GB of system storage. This was likely a cost savings measure by Nintendo, but given the fact, we are living in a digital age where physical media is dying-off this makes it hard to keep a full library of digital games on the system at all times. Do yourself a favor and pick up a micro sd card. It’s easily inserted behind the kickstand and you’ll never need to mess with it again!

3. Screen Protector


If you plan on traveling with your Switch or you have a bad track record of damaging glass screens on electronics do your self a solid and pick up a screen protector. They’re cheap and similar to car insurance, you’ll never regret buying it. Nobody wants to powerslide around the Excitebike Arena track in Mario Kart while looking through a spiderwebbed screen.

4. Travel Case


Often times I have found myself scavenging my storage closet for some sort of bag to pack my Switch in before leaving on a trip. Also, once I arrive at my destination I always have a brief moment of anxiety when I check to make sure the Switch has made the journey unscathed. An item like this case just makes sense. Why do I torture myself? Just like the screen protector, this product falls into the “you’ll never regret this purchase” category.

5. Nintendo Switch Online Membership


This might be the greatest value in gaming. Xbox live costs $69.99/year and PlayStation Plus is $59.99/year. With Nintendo Switch Online you instantly get access to play games online, cloud back-ups of your games and access to an ever-expanding library of classic NES games. The NES games are able to be played multiplayer over the internet. The library includes classics such as Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros. 3, Metroid and Ninja Gaiden to name a few. This is such a no-brainer purchase, I feel almost a little silly telling you need to pick it up.



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