Hey all! It’s Playoff time. Did someone say Playoffs!!??!?!? Jim Mora Sr. I am not a fan of yours. Anyways, I thought it was time for some predictions now that the wildcard round is out if the way. #DoubleDoink

Divisional Round:

Game 1 Colts vs. Chiefs.

Mahomes is throwing the ball around like Peyton in his prime, but with more flare.  50 TDs and 5,000 yards on the year did wonders for my fantasy team.  The game is at Arrowhead so the Chiefs are 5 point favorites. The point total for the game is 56.  I predict an upset here as the Colts are on fire and have a defense that can slow down the Chiefs firepower offense.  It is going to be snowy in KC today so I am guessing that the passing game will be off target today.  The Colts do not have the best secondary, but they should get pressure on Mahomes and I don’t think Tyreek Hill will be explosive in the cold.  Colts 24 – Chiefs 21

Game 2 Cowboys at Rams

The Rams are an all-star team playing at home. Gurley is a little banged up but that doesn’t matter. Dak Prescott is hot garbage and today will be the day where this will be on full display.  Rams 28 – Cowboys 10


Game 3 Chargers vs. Patriots

I think this is Phillip Rivers year.  He has the momentum this year.  The Pats will be a tough out, but I think the creakiness of Brady and Gronk will finally catch up to them Sunday.   Chargers 31 – Patriots 20

Game 4 Eagles at Saints

Old man Brees has quite the wagon of a team this year. Most talking heads believe that it is the Saints year.  However, no one believed we would get the magic act of Nick Foles again.  I am a huge fan of Notre Dame alumnus Josh Adams at running back. Combined with Golden “Showtime” Tate I believe there is too much luck on the Eagles side this year.  I predict one philly-special to hit paydirt this weekend. and with that, I have a prediction: Eagles 28 – Saints 27

Stay tuned this week to Nerdjockblog.com for Super Bowl predictions.

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