My birthday was Thursday and so was the start of the greatest weekend in sports.  The opening rounds of the NCAA Tourney.  I was placing my bets for the day and doing my daily tasks when I glanced at Twitter.  The unfathomable had happened.

Jimmer Fredette had signed a 2-year contract with the Phoenix Suns.  I thought that this was possibly a hoax.  Jimmer has been lighting up the Chinese Basketball Association the last 3 seasons and had earned the title of “Lonely God”. Last week he had just gotten the Shanghai Sharks into the playoffs so I had to check multiple sources to confirm this was real.  Kelly Oubre is out for the year so the Suns made a great offer to fill out their final roster spot: The Jimmer.

After the great run Jimmer had had in the TBT I have followed his CBA career from afar.  I am happy to see the Mormon Megalodon get a 2nd chance at the association.  He is an electric player to watch and now we all get another chance to appreciate his greatness.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Dennis Burkett and Daniel Burkett, people smiling, people standing

(Big fans of Jimmer)

UPDATE: Jimmer is playing for the Warriors Summer League team. He scored 14 points and had 7 rebounds off the bench in his first game.

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