Disney’s Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, The Frito Bandito, The Noid and Cool Spot all have one thing in common; they’re mascots that were retired. Their video game counterparts highlighted in this post deserve a second chance. True, the Frito Bandito may be a bit culturally insensitive, but don’t we all deserve another shot? Last time I checked, this is America!

Here are six video game characters we’d love get a modern revival.



First appearance:  Gex (1995) released for 3DO

Last appearance: Gex 3 (1999) Playstation 1

Case for a new game: GEX is the worlds coolest gecko. His first title was a very 90s game of its time that feature GEX traversing through a side scrolling adventure in a world that featured quippy one liners and the usual tropes of the era. A modern take on GEX could be beautifully hand-drawn art piece that features technical side scrolling. The revival of Toe Jam and Earl proves the 90s are hip once again!


Alex Kidd

First appearance:  Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1986) Sega Master System

Last appearance: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (1990) Sega Master System

Case for a new game: A modern Alex Kidd could work. Modern platformers tend to lean towards the difficult side. Something aimed a younger gamers that plays of off nostalgia of their parents would sell. I’d personally love to play a platformer with my daughter that wouldn’t be so brutal.


First appearance:  Diddy Kong Racing (1997) Nintendo 64

Last appearance: Young Conker (2016) Microsoft Hololens

Case for a new game: Conker featured potty humor and had a fun story. Games like South Park Fractured, but Whole prove that crude humor works if well written. A 3D platformer would be fun with modern graphics. The Nintendo 64 game just was ugly to look at.

The Battle Toads (Rash, Zitz & Pimple)C95D326A-A287-4718-8B07-657AD35EE123

First appearance:  Battletoads (1991) Nintendo Entertainment System

Last appearance: Battletoads Arcade (1994) Arcade

Case for a new game: The Battletoads games were brutally hard. Let’s keep it that way, but without the annoyance of limited continues and lives. Throw in a unique art style and the fact this game is so nostalgic for many you’d have an instant hit. Most gamers didn’t know this game existed until the late 90s during the dawn of emulation.


Captain Olimar

First appearance:  Pikmin (2001) Nintendo Gamecube

Last appearance: Hey! Pikmin (2017) Nintendo 3DS

Case for a new game: Captain Olimar is simply charming. Nintendo has neglected him for to long. He deserves to have a game released during the haday of a hit system like the Switch. Seems like an easy windfall for Nintendo.







First appearance: Super Mario Brothers 3 (1988) Nintendo Entertainment System

Last appearance: New Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe (2019) Nintendo Switch

Case for a new game: Spike has a special place in my heart. He is mainly featured in Super Mario Brothers 3 as a very minor opponent that throws spiked poles. He has recently been featured in Mario Tennis Aces as a playable character that I for one, cannot get enough of. I think he could carry his own game. My concept: make a strategy game where you play as spike who is tasked by Bowser to place obstacles and direct enemies to prevent Mario and Luigi from compeleting a side scrolling level. This game would be a mix of tower defense and Mario Maker.


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