In the last few months, I have rekindled my interest in wrestling.  I discovered that Chris Jericho was wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling and that then led me on an internet deep dive.  I discovered Kenny Omega and his awesomeness as well as Cody Rhodes.  The Young Bucks were next.  I bought my first wrestling pay-per-view, and it was Ring of Honor’s Final Battle.  I had to see Cody Rhodes, but I discovered Flip Gordon and a few others like Hangman Page and Dalton Castle.  You might say I have developed a flair for the indies.  So before I breakdown AEW’s first ever PPV, let me tell you who they are and what the hell Double or Nothing is.

Kenny Omega
  • All Elite Wrestling was a youtube channel created by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks because they were bored.  They are executive VP’s of AEW.
  • Tony Khan is the CEO/Owner of AEW. He is the son of Shahid Khan the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • Double or Nothing is the first PPV happening in Las Vegas.
  • They have a diverse roster of 59 Wrestlers.
  • They have a TV deal with Turner Sports/Bleacher Report Live starting in October.

Now that that is out of the way lets breakdown the matches that have been announced so far.  It is wrestling so expect a few surprises.

Match 1:

6-man tag team match. SCU vs. Strong Hearts

SCU is a popular trio of wrestlers led by Christopher Daniels.  Daniels has been pretty big in the indies after his TNA career.  He is the big name in this match, I don’t know much about the Strong Hearts.  They are from the Oriental Wrestling Entertainment.  I expect SCU to come away with the victory as they were the first signing announced at the AEW launch party in Jacksonville.  Expect contrasting styles with SCU doing strong style and traditional American in ring machismo, while Strong Hearts will showcase high-flying, fast-paced action.

Match 2: Inaugural AEW Championship

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega

This fight has happened before and was known as Alpha vs. Omega.  I have been a big fan of the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla since is WCW days. Kenny Omega is known as the best wrestler in the world by people in the know.  This will be an electric match.  Jericho is already the heal of the company so I expect Jericho to win, although the reign of Omega would be a good one to start.  I am interested to see if Joey Janela gets the push and becomes the 2nd AEW champion. Joey Janela seems to be the heal to take over for Jericho when Jericho is not involved in the main storylines.  No matter where Jericho has been he always goes over with the fans, can’t wait to see Alpha vs. Omega II.

Match 3: 3-way match

Dr. Britt Baker v. Nyla Rose v. Kylie Rae

I will learn a lot from this one as the only indie female wrestler I am familiar with is Kelly Klein.  I will have more analysis of this match after the fact.  Dr. Brit Baker is a big name and I fancy her an interesting follow on Twitter.  She is a wrestling dentist!

Match 4 : Brother vs. Brother

Cody”The American Nightmare” Rhodes vs. Dustin Rhodes(formerly Goldust)

This will be one hell of a match. They were once tag team partners in the WWE as Stardust and Goldust. They are the sons of Dusty Rhodes. They are legacy wrestlers and Cody is one of the founders of AEW.  I expect shenanigans and one hell of a fight based on the promotional videos hyping this match. Dustin is a professional’s professional. This could be his last ride and I can’t wait to see Cody do his spitting water trick and his fakeouts he is known for.

Match 5: 21-man Casino Battle Royale

It’s a battle royale. The last man standing wins a shot at the AEW Championship.  I expect Joey Janella to win after hiding or taking a break for the majority of the match, to steal it away from an underdog.  Names that stick out to me are Brian Pillman Jr.( Yes the son of the man who is famous for being “Pillmanized”), MJF(Big star of Amazon Prime’s Dojo Wrestling show), Glacier(WCW’s attempt at making Sub-Zero a pro wrestler), Bad Ass Billy Gun from DX, and Shawn Spears aka Ty Dillinger. He is famous for flashing 10 fingers.


Since he is known as the “Perfect 10” he will be the 10th contestant to enter the ring.  There are 4 unannounced Battle Royale contestants as I type this blog. It’s going to be wild. Battle Royales are always fun.

Match 6 AAA Tag Team Championship

The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros

This will probably be the highest octane match of the night.  Go to youtube and watch The Young Bucks. They do perfectly synchronized moves you would think you were watching synchronized diving.  Probably the best tag team in the world right now.  They also happen to be big fans of the Superkick.  The Lucha Bros will match their speed and will be going off the top rope at a high rate in interesting ways. Big fan of this match, look forward to tag teams being a big part of the AEW promotion.

Match 7

Kip Sabain vs. Sammy Guevera

These boys both look young. I know very little about either one of them.  Cannot wait to see what they bring to AEW.  Great opportunity for both of them.

Match 8

6-woman Tag Team Match

Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, and Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida, Riho Abe, and Ryo Mizunami.

Well this looks like an interesting match. Again, another learning experience for me and most of you I am sure.  Hopefully one of these ladies becomes a star in the budding women’s division.

Match 9

The Best Friends vs. Anjelico and Jack Evans

One of these teams will emerge as AEW rivals to the Young Bucks.  Trent Beretta(Best Friends)  is coming from New Japan and to me is the one person to watch during this match.  Anjelico comes from Lucha Underground.  From watching his highlight vids, he seems to be a daredevil. He leaps from objects high above the ring.  He puts Shane McMahon’s death-defying leaps to shame!  This match could steal the show if antics like this take place.  If it does, expect the tag team division to take off.

There you have it. That’s the preview from NerdJockBlog’s perspective.  Be sure to watch it on PPV via Bleacher Report Live. $49.99 and starts at 8:00pm Saturday.

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