That’s right kids not only do I crush Lil Mac during my day job, I also pick my favorite soda of the season.  This season it smacked me in the face while I walked into my local grocery store.  Mountain Dew has a new flavor, no way!  The flavor is called Liberty Brew. As a soda connoisseur, I had to give this weird concoction a go.

Liberty brew

It looked like the Fourth of July and read 50 flavors in one on the bottle. It was American as a bald eagle.  When I popped the top off and gave it a swirl I could not believe the flavors in my mouth.  The Mountain Dew people captured the essence of a famous summer treat.  It was a dang bomb pop! And that my soda friends is what I call a knockout soda of the season! Enjoy it while it lasts!

bomb pop

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