The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) came and went two weeks ago and although a lot of new games and information about upcoming games was announced I can’t help feeling a tad bit let down. Sure, Xbox Gamepass seems promising and Nintendo has some amazing titles coming to Switch soon, but where’s the new hardware?

It’s been long rumored that Nintendo has developed a revision  to the fastest selling console of all time, the Switch. There’s been a lot of speculation for a Nintendo Switch “mini” although nothing official has yet to be announced. Some leaked photos from Chinese manufacturers have shown cases for the Switch mini. The mini is expected to not have the sometimes problematic joy-con controllers and a more compact form factor.

Possible Switch Mini?

Nintendo is no stranger to revisions to its consoles. The original NES has the front loading and top loading models, the GBA had three unique form factors and the DS has seemingly had dozens. A refresh to the Switch makes so much sense. I personally would like a smaller form factor for my daughter who struggles to hold the massive Switch in handheld mode.

My prediction:

Nintendo wants to make sure it’s latest hardware gets the full spotlight. E3 is full d big news and nothing stays in the spotlight for very long. I expect Nintendo to announce a new direct for July, 2019. For fun, I’ll say it will be on July, 23 2019. Nintendo has made some sort of Direct production the last two years in July. This Direct will feature exclusively new hardware and no mention of any games. It makes sense for them to get a new console on the market prior to the 2019 holiday season.

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By: Dennis Burkett

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