Last night was AEW’s second PPV(3rd if you count All IN).  This was a free PPV on Bleacher Report Live, a streaming service affiliated with Turner Broadcasting.  Let’s breakdown the matches that entertained me.

First, Let’s start off with the three-way match with Nyla Rose, Riho, and Yuka. This match set up Nyla as a dominant force in the women’s division. She was mercilessly power bombing the 2 little girls and no-selling their strikes.  Early in the Match Riho and Yuka decided to work together to take down the giant.  Riho’s mouth was bloodied up a little bit but Jim Ross nor Goldenboy mentioned it.  Riho won me over at Double or Nothing by showing off her “619”.  She did it again, I loved it, and was totally marking out. Yuka got more time to show off her skill set this match, and she delivered.  She is pretty athletic and known as the magical girl.  She did a move called the magical girl splash where she balances on the top rope and then jumps off, similar to the Eddie Guererro frog splash.  Eventually, Riho reversed out of a hold that looked like Nyla was going to put on her finisher, and then rolled up Nyla for the pin and win! Nyla looked like she was going to take revenge on Riho, but the Magical Girl stepped in and saved Nyla.  Yuka then went in to hug Riho and Riho turned it down.  This sets up a feud for later events.  Love the story building with these girls so far.

Next, we are introduced to Darby Allin and draws.  AEW has time limits for each match similar to Japanese wrestling.  This whole match showcased the abuse that little Darby Allin can take.  He did a move off the corner called the trust fall, Cody rolled away and Darby at the edge of the apron.  Cody literally put Darby in a body bag but ran out of time just as he was getting the final pin.  What happens next is a botched chair shot by “Perfect 10” Shawn Spears on Cody.  Cody had 12 staples in the back of his head.  I liked the attempt of bringing unprotected chair shots back into the mainstream, but this incident showcases why this type of move should be left in the attitude era.  It was gruesome and stars like Cody should not be brutalized by these type of shenanigans.

The next match was between The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros.  The Young Bucks with Kenny Omega came out as Street Fighter characters Ken, Ryu, and Akuma.  This match had everything. Hadoukens, high flying moves, lots of actions and broke out to a superkick fest at one point. Kenny Omega got the clean pin over the Laredo Kid. Everyone looked good and it appeared that Kenny was trying to get a solo match against Pentagon Jr after the match was over.

Before I get to the main event, I need to point out that MJF totally rocked the mic and made fun of the crowd that was mostly made up of fighting video game fans. Please do yourself a favor and google this rant. It is heel work at its finest.  this four-way match was great and set up MJF and Hangman Page as stars in this new federation.

The Main Event was Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela.  This looked like the Tables, Ladders, and chairs match from the 2001 Wrestlemania, but somehow more brutal.  This match had so many tables and barbed wire underneath the ring that I didn’t think was fathomable. 4 tables were brought out, 3 were broken. The best use was when Moxley was lying on a table, Janela set up a ladder on the ring, and did Macho Man’s flying elbow drop from 10 feet up in the air.  This was after each of these guys had been thrown into plywood covered in barbed wire.  Eventually, Moxley gained control of the match and found a bucket full of thumbtacks. He sprawled them all over the ring. The match ended with Moxley tearing off Janela’s boots and planting Janela in the field of thumbtacks. Then he picked Janela up did a DDT into the 2nd pile of thumbtacks. So he got a handful of tacks stuck in his back as well before he pinned Janela for the end.  I loved seeing a hardcore match like this in 2019.  It was hard to watch at times as it was so brutal, but I was cheering it on the whole time.  It put Janela over as a star and Moxley as top 3 guy in the company.  After this match was over, Omega sought out revenge on Moxley and bashed him over the head with a trash can at the end of their skirmish.  The last image we saw of FyterFest was Moxley laying on the ground smiling at the camera.  Moxley loves violence, and this scuffle sets up a future match between Omega and Moxley.

Overall, the fans were into this match the whole time and this event sets up future storyliness going forward in AEW.  It wasn’t as big as Double or Nothing but wasn’t supposed to be.  It was an event to firmly establish AEW’s storylines leading up to its first tv airing.  The Hardcore match at the end was my favorite match of the night.  I can’t wait for MJF to whine about getting a title shot and having Jericho beat him down. It’s going to be great television, and I quite frankly, can’t get enough of AEW.

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