In a move that should surprise none, NBC announced today via a press release that they will be bringing back the original “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” opening theme for it’s weekly Sunday Night Football broadcast. Along with this announcement they revealed Carrie Underwood, the gorgeous, country-pop icon whose been doing the opening theme song now for seven years will be joined by the now 60 year old rock icon, Joan Jett.

Yes, that Joan Jett. The lady “rocker” whose original song “I Hate Myself for Loving You” inspired the original idea when SNF producer Fred Gaudelli came up with the idea and discussed it with Jett and her manager in 2006. This was the year in which NBC obtained the broadcasting rights for SNF, previously held by ESPN. Coincidently enough Gaudelli was the producer on ESPN’s version. While at ESPN Gaudelli worked with Jett on a production of a theme song for the X Games, titled “Real Wild Child”.

What do I think of this move? To summarize my opinion in one word, awful. It is the exact same problem most people have with Hollywood nowadays; nobody has an original idea. Sure, this is the 100th anniversary of the NFL, but what significance does that have with SNF? Jett, who’s most popular song refers to a jukebox and paying a dime for something is completely irrelevant. I believe the NFL in conjunction with NBC is trying to appeal to the many “boomer” fans that they “lost” during the Colin Kaepernick kneel debacle by hiring the aging performer. From a television perspective, where looks and sex sell, why would they want to take screen time away from Carrie Underwood.

What’s next? This will surely be a flop. They’ve promised to preview the upcoming theme song on this weeks preseason game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennesse Titans. I can’t wait to see this train-wreck. The full opening will premiere September, 8 2019  in a week 1 match-up between the Steelers and New England Patriots. I personally wish the could continue with “Game On” the corny ear-worm that was featured the past two seasons. Evidently some legal troubles have made that a major rights issue for NBC. One thing I know, we haven’t seen a botched football opening since the T.O./Eva Longoria Real Housewives scandal on Monday Night Football.

What do you think the theme song should be for Sunday Night Football? Do you like this decision? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to be told why I’m an idiot. I know I am, but just don’t know why.


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