America loves a good underdog story. America also loves a quick buck. This weekly blog post gives you both. I will bring you three weekly double digit underdogs that’ll deliver in the pocket book. All lines used for the purpose of this post will be from Nerd Jock Blog is in no way affiliated with Vegasinsider, but I like their site.

Alabama State @ Alabama-BirminghamAlStatevsAUB

Who I like: Alabama State

Why: The UAB Blazers are not an elite NCAA program. Sure, Alabama State is a NCAA FCS school, but I’ll always take a 42.5 freebie points. They may be a tier below UAB, but the Hornets are still scholarship athletes who will be playing in one of their biggest games of the year. Also, it’s important to note that UAB only scored over 42 points twice last season and averaged less than 32 points a game in their 2018 campaign.

Confidence Rating (1-10): 9.5

Georgia Tech @ #1 ClemsonClem v GT

Who I like: Georgia Tech

Why: Sure, the Yellow Jackets have a tall task at hand when they head to Clemson to take on one of their biggest rivals. But hey, this is gambling and we’re not asking them to win, we’re asking them to cover. The bookmakers in Vegas are giving Clemson 37 points. I’ll take that every day of the week and twice on Sunday. The Tigers may be ranked #1 in the polls, but Georgia Tech is #1 in every underdog fans heart this week. In their last four meetings Clemson has won…by only an average of 20 points. Last time I checked 20 is still less than 37. Georgia Tech leads the head to head series 50-31.

Confidence Rating (1-10): 8

Texas State @#12 Texas A&Mtsu tam

Who I like: Texas State

Why: The Aggies had a very average season by their standards in 2018, going 9-4. Texas State will be ready for this match-up. Sure, they have zero chance at winning, but thanks to a viral pep talk on twitter from an evidently “famous” adult “actress” the Bobcats will be geared up for this contest. The Aggies averaged 36 points last season and that counts a seven overtime game in which they scored 74 in a victory over LSU. Texas State averaged 19.75 points a game. Sure, they play in the Sun Belt, but that’s why they’re getting 33.5 points!

Confidence Rating (1-10): 4

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