America loves a good underdog story. America also loves a quick buck. This weekly blog post gives you both. I will bring you three weekly double digit underdogs that’ll deliver in the pocket book. All lines used for the purpose of this post will be from

Week 2 wasn’t great again, but once again my most confident pick came through. Sure, Alabama won 62-10, but the Aggies of New Mexico State covered the 54.5 point spread and that’s all we needed. I’ve got a great feeling about my underdog picks for you this week. My record, 2-4 isn’t great, but the season is young.

New Mexico @ #7 Notre Damend lobos

Who I like: New Mexico

Why: Both teams head into week 3 with records of 1-0. Notre Dame struggled early in a sloppy contest against Louisville. If you watched that game, nothing made you feel confident that the Irish can even score 38.5 points, forget about winning by that much. The Lobos can light up a scoreboard. Heading into South Bend I expect the Lobos to be ready to go.

Confidence Rating (1-10): 10

Idaho State @ #11 Utahgame2

Who I like: Idaho State

Why: For those of you who don’t know, Idaho sits just to the north of Utah, thus making Idaho Utah’s hat. Nobody wants to be a hat. Idaho state shows up ready to play against the Utes.

Confidence Rating (1-10): 4

Rice @ #12 Texas game3

Who I like: Rice

Why: Nobody wants to start a season 0-3. Unfortunately for the Owls of Rice, this will be reality for them as they wake up Sunday morning. But, they will be able to hold their heads high knowing they covered the 32 point spread. They’ve got in state rival, Texas coming to Rice Stadium. Sure, Texas  scored 38 points last week in defeat against #4 ranked LSU. Rice scored 21 pointslast week in a loss to a very underrated Wake Forest defense. I think Rice scores 14 this week. I’ll be bold and say final score, 14-45. HOOT HOOT!

Confidence Rating (1-10): 7

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